Nikki Navarre is a globetrotting ex-diplomat and award-winning author of the Foreign Affairs series—spy romance set in Russia and other exotic international locales. State secrets have never been this sexy! Loosely inspired by her work as a weapons of mass destruction expert at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, the Foreign Affairs series is under consideration for episodic television in Hollywood. Nikki co-wrote the TV pilot with her screenwriter hubby.

Nikki’s favorite films provided ample inspiration for the series. Grab some popcorn, your sweetheart and a Cherry Coke for any of these thrill rides and you won’t regret it!

1. The Bourne Identity: A classic in the genre, with plenty of political intrigue and international settings to satisfy any suspense lover. Readers are calling Nikki’s heroine in The Russian Obsession, amnesiac viral engineer and nomad Christabel Orlova, a female Jason Bourne.

2. Mission Impossible II: Gorgeous example of sleek, sexy romantic suspense in settings that range from a Hong Kong high rise to a posh island hideaway—with enough steamy heat to melt the ice cubes in your soda! Nikki binge-watched this one while writing ex-Mafia princess Skylar Rossi and ex-KGB hit man Nikolai “the Maestro” Markov, the unlikely lovers in The Russian Temptation, Foreign Affairs Book Two.

3. Wild: Not only a favorite because hiking the Pacific Crest Trail is on Nikki’s bucket list! This woman-finding-herself odyssey starring Reese Witherspoon was a direct inspiration for backpacker and bohemian Christa in The Russian Obsession.

4. Casino Royale: Because Daniel Craig. Enough said, right? He was front-and-center in Nikki’s fertile imagination when she wrote renegade Russian submarine captain and maverick Victor Kostenko in The Russian Seduction, the launch book in the Foreign Affairs series.

5. Omega Man: A vintage classic starring Hollywood legend Charlton Heston as a U.S. Army scientist who survives a Chinese-Russian biological war that kills off most of the world’s population by injecting himself with an experimental vaccine. Nikki’s heroine Christa in her latest release The Russian Obsession is a U.S. Army scientist who pulls off a similar stunt.

Happy Viewing…and Happy Reading!